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Introduce their 'Do It Yourself Film Course' !!! It's innovative, easy to follow, brimming with visual information and SO AFFORDABLE.

APA has been training students since 1985 and now our Film Course is available to everyone no matter where they live. By using modern technology, we can train people who cannot travel to Australia. An impossibility in 1985, has become a reality in 2011.

You can learn how to make great films by purchasing our Do It Yourself Film Course, a Series of eBooks produced by our online division, The Film Academy.

Great News !! THE LENS AND ITS IMAGE, is now available as one book in a media rich interactive format. It contains over 90 minutes of movie clips, around 100 photos, diagrams, interactive galleries and, of course, text. Purchase it NOW from the Apple iBookstore. Also available FREE, A New Approach to Training. Start your training RIGHT NOW !

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Latest from the Production Diary

3rd August 2014 : ANOTHER FREE BOOK

ANOTHER FREE BOOK Another free book for you to enjoy is available on the iBookstore. Containing nearly 40 minutes of movie clips, CAMERA MENUS AND CONTROLS FOR FILM MAKERS takes a look at white and black balance, exposure controls, gain...

11th July 2013 : FREE BOOK

FREE BOOK Our next book in the Do It Yourself Film Course, THE CAMERA DEPARTMENT INVENTORY FOR FILM MAKERS, is now available on the iBookstore. It's the first book in a series on Operating the Camera. We're sorry it's running...

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